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GAY-ROSELL & SOLANO has a large experience in litigation, providing legal counsel and representation to enterprises and individuals, both in civil and commercial procedures, always with a preventive approach in order to avoid or simplify, as far as possible, the judicial procedures with the aim to achieve a favourable position in accordance with the interests of our clients.

This can be attained thanks to the detailed study of the specific risks in which the defence of our client incurs, the elaboration of pre judicial strategies and the planning of several scenarios and negotiation alternatives, as well as the planning and defence in front of all the instances and all the jurisdictions, independently of the type of judicial procedure until the execution of the judgement.

We work in close collaboration with the rest of areas of exercise of our firm and we can count on the vast experience that we have in a large range of areas:

  • Civil: civil liability in general, civil professional liability (lawyers, procurators, managers, tax adviser, auditors, etc.), damages liability, product liability, disputes concerning civil contracts, claims of sums, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements, European orders of payment, etc. We also give advice in family procedures, mainly in cases in which disputes concerning propriety and successions arise.
  • State and Construction Law: defence in disputes concerning leases, property rights, contracts on works, horizontal property, vices in the construction, etc.
  • Commercial: disputes between corporations, conflicts related with the interpretation, validity and execution of commercial contracts, administrator’s liability, challenging corporate resolutions, unfair competition, etc.
  • Commerce and Consumption: defence in publicity matters and agency, distribution, concession and franchise contracts.
  • Banking and Insurance Law: we dispose of a vast experience in insurance law and banking law, with a team of specialized lawyer in those areas.
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property: defence in disputes concerning brands, patents and designs and also in conflicts concerning the ownership or intellectual property rights, as well as in matters of violation of honour, privacy or image rights.
  • Criminal: the economic criminal team offers legal aid to both accused parties and prosecution parties in crimes concerning: property and socio-economic order, workers rights, documentation forgeries, crimes against Public Administration and against the Administration of Justice, among others. Furthermore the team disposes with a deep specialisation in the leading of the criminal defence of both natural and legal people charged with the alleged commission of crimes against Public Finance and/or against the Social Security.
  • National and International Arbitration: representation in complex affairs, in particular in commercial matters.
  • Administrative litigation procedures: the public, administrative and town planning law teams counsel in matters of administrative law and prove their vast experience in the legal defence of administrative litigation remedies in front of all the judicial instances and all the areas of Administrative Law and in procedures that also defend fundamental rights.





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    1050-132 Lisboa ( Portugal)
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